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                                              Analysis of the present situation of China's composite materials industry in 2015
                                              Date:2018-01-23 Hits:

                                              From the present situation of composite material industry in China analysis information learned, with the rapid development of national economy, the transformation of economic structure, accelerate the development of new energy, environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries, high performance fiber composite materials will become increasingly strong domestic demand. In 2015, the analysis of the status of the composite materials industry in China will be concerned.

                                              Analysis of the present situation of China's composite materials industry in 2015

                                              China's composite market continues to grow by more than 2% after its biggest dilemma in 2009. According to the report released by the "Chinese hall Chinese composites industry development and planning 13th Five-Year Research Report" shows that in the next 5 years, is expected to Chinese market will surge to $11 billion 500 million by 2017, a compound annual growth rate of 7.3%.

                                              The composite materials, the domestic market is facing such a situation: on the one hand, the domestic tightening monetary policy to make the raw materials, labor costs increase, highlighting the increasing pressure of environment, energy shortages and other problems, face many unfavorable factors, the composites industry is facing a severe test of the hitherto unknown. On the other hand, the world economic structure is facing new adjustment. The pressure of resources and environment is transforming into huge innovation power. New energy, new materials, information network, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection will be ready for innovation. Composite materials across the two fields of new materials and major equipment, under the strong support of national policy, are facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

                                              But the larger China Composites Industry and foreign technical level, the lack of international competitiveness, in the face of opportunities and challenges, to expand the international market, to boost China's composite enterprises recently, the largest European composites industry organization JEC group joint Shanghai zenx Exhibition Co. Ltd. in Shanghai held a "new opportunities and the new challenge International Composites Market Exploration & exchange companies will China night. At the meeting, many experts and representatives of composite industry shared and discussed the development of international composite materials market and the new opportunities and challenges faced by China's composite materials enterprises.

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